En Vivo! is a live/video album filmed during The Final Frontier World Tour at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile on 10 April 2011. 0:00:00 – Satellite 15 0:04:44 – The Final Frontier 0:08:51 – El Dorado 0:14:48 – 2 Minutes To Midnight 0:20:36 – The Talisman 0:30:38 – Coming Home 0:36:32 – Dance Of Death 0:45:28 – The Trooper 0:49:27 – The Wicker Man 0:57:41 – Blood Brothers 1:04:47 – When The Wild Wind Blows 1:15:18 – The Evil That Men Do 1:19:40 – Fear Of The Dark 1:27:14 – Iron Maiden 1:33:09 – The Number Of The Beast 1:38:08 – Hallowed Be [More]
An unauthorized documentary of the history of Iron Maiden. No original music, but great interviews.
Iron Maiden live from Rock am Ring, June 5th 2014, Full concert in HD. The show was broadcasted by German digital television channel EinsPlus.   Iron Maiden Rock am Ring 2014 Setlist Doctor Doctor (UFO song) Rising Mercury :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Moonchild Can I Play with Madness The Prisoner 2 Minutes to Midnight Revelations The Trooper The Number of the Beast Phantom of the Opera Run to the Hills Wasted Years Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Wrathchild Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden Encore: Churchill’s Speech Aces High The Evil That Men Do (preceded by “Happy Birthday” to Nicko McBrain) Sanctuary Always [More]
Iron Maiden Live at the Ruskin Arms 1980. Very rare footage from the NWOBHM era of Iron Maiden!! Recorded live at the Ruskin Arms, London, April 14th 1980. The gig was on the day of the release of the debut album: Iron Maiden. Only one old VHS copy existed of this original home video recording and that was thought to be gone for good until Steve Harris came across it at the bottom of a box full of old stuff when he was looking for old memorabilia for “The Early Days” DVD, released in 2004. DVDRip in HQ. The lineup [More]
Iron Maiden Maiden England ’88 Full Concert. Maiden England was recorded at the NEC in Birmingham, England on November 27-28, 1988, during the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son World Tour.      Setlist Maiden England ’88 “Moonchild” (Smith, Dickinson) “The Evil That Men Do” (Smith, Dickinson, Harris) “The Prisoner” (Smith, Harris) “Still Life” (Murray, Harris) “Die with Your Boots On” (Smith, Dickinson, Harris) “Infinite Dreams” (Harris) “Killers” (Harris, Di’Anno) “Can I Play with Madness” (Smith, Dickinson, Harris) “Heaven Can Wait” (Harris) “Wasted Years” (Smith) “The Clairvoyant” (Harris) “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” (Harris) “The Number of the Beast” [More]
Iron Maiden – Live at Rock In Rio 2013 This is the full concert from Cidade do Rock in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 22, 2013. Iron Maiden was once again headlining at Rock in Rio, during their Maiden England, North/South American Tour in 2013. Iron Maiden have played at Rock in Rio totally 3 times to date – 1985, 2001 and 2013. See the full concerts from: Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 1985 Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 2001 Setlist – Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 2013: Intro: Doctor Doctor (UFO song) Main set: Moonchild Can I Play with Madness [More]
Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 1985 Iron Maidens first show at Rock in Rio and also first time performing in Brazil in front of 300.000 fans. Video was recorded at Rock in Rio, January 11th, 1985. Also see Iron Maiden Rock in Rio from 2001 and 2013: Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 2001 Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 2013 Setlist – Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 1985: Aces High Two Minutes To Midnight 5:22 The Trooper 11:55 Revelations 16:28 Flight of Icarus 22:52 Rime of The Ancient Mariner 27:00 Powerslave 40:20 Dave Murray Guitar Solo 47:23 The Number of The Beast 50:52 Hallowed Be Thy Name 55:52 The Iron [More]
Live Video of Iron Maiden performing “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” at Long Beach Arena during the bands “Live After Death” Tour in 1984-1985. “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is written by Steve Harris for the 1984 album “Powerslave”. The song is based on “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798. Read more about it at Iron Maiden Commentary Iron Maiden “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” song lyrics: Hear the rime of the ancient mariner  See his eye as he stops one of three  Mesmerises one of the wedding guests  Stay here [More]
Iron Maiden – Afraid to Shoot Strangers – Live video from Malmö Stadium in Sweden, July 10 2013. From Iron Maidens “Maiden England” tour. As always with Iron Maiden they delivered an amazing show! Some of the pictures me and my friends took at the show (click on image for larger view) More pictures from Iron Maiden, Malmö Stadium 2013, July 10. Pictures shot by Krister Hansson for Aftonbladet.   Afraid to Shoot Strangers song lyrics: Lying awake at night I wipe the sweat from my brow But it’s not the fear ‘cos I’d rather go now Trying to visualize [More]
Iron Maiden live from Download Festival 2013 – Amazing HD video with 3 songs live: Phantom of the Opera, Fear of the Dark and The Trooper. Video footage from Sky Arts 1.   Also see video: >>>>Iron Maiden Download 2013 – Spitfire Flyover + Moonchild<<<<  
A video compilation of Iron Maiden songs from all 15 albums, starting from Iron Maiden and all the way to The Final Frontier. With all studio album covers. Songs on the video: Phantom of the Opera (Iron Maiden) 00:10 Killers (Killers) 07:23 Hallowed Be Thy Name (The Number of the Beast) 12:30 Revelations (Piece of Mind) 19:43 Powerslave (Powerslave) 25:33 Alexander the Great (356 – 323 B.C.) (Somewhere in Time) 33:24 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son) 42:09 Public Enema Number One (No Prayer for the Dying) 52:02 Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Fear of the Dark) 56:20 Lord of the Flies (The X [More]
The Iron Maidens performing “2 Minutes to Midnight” live at The Slide Bar 5/11 2013. The Iron Maidens are known as the worlds only female  tribute to Iron Maiden. Thanks Eddie Rojas for sharing the video. Check out Eddies Youtube-channel with over 300 videos of cover bands – http://www.youtube.com/user/Eddog8312345 Also check out The Iron Maidens here – http://www.theironmaidens.com/band/bio.html